Principal Photography Begins on HFW Doc.

Red Diamond Films is proud to have completed the next day of principal photography for the Historic Fort Wayne documentary. To date, the team has completed the majority of the interview with John R. Weaver II.  John is an expert in Third System Forts and the Northern Frontier Forts, both mid-19th Century fortifications used by the United States. He’s the “what does this part do” guy.

We interviewed John at several places around Historic Fort Wayne and let him explain what all the parts of the Fort are called and why they were built in the manner they were. It was a great help to get this amount of detail about the structure so many men served at.

John is also the author of “A Legacy in Brick and Stone: American Coastal Defense Forts of the Third System, 1816 – 1867” which will soon go to print in an expanded, second edition.

We were aided in the shoot by John’s wife Carol and our friend Jeremy Bevard, a fellow historian and co-owner of the website. We are excited with the progress and are looking forward to the next day of filming where we plan to complete John’s interview and continue moving forward on the documentary.