Ravelin Films returns to Fort Adams

We were thrilled to be back at Fort Adams in Newport, RI June 11 – 14, 2018 for the second shoot on the “Fort Adams in the 3rd System” documentary! In 2016, we began the project with two days based around general knowledge and sit-down interviews. We also did a little work with historian John Weaver at that time.

This year, John took us all over the site. We went on top of the earthworks and below ground in the tunnels. We visited where men defended the Fort as well as where the officer’s lived. There were a lot of spectacular view, beautiful sunsets, great history – and walking!

In our effort to tell the story of the Fort and how it was built, we were very graciously welcomed and supported by the staff and dedicated

volunteers of the Fort Adams Trust, our on-site partner. When you see the completed program, you will see parts of the Fort no tour group are allowed to visit. Some of these views are aerials from our drone camera. Others are too far underground to safely take a tour group. And two are even of troop movement tunnels that are now regularly flooded, but the volunteers made sure they were pumped out for us to show you.  We will take you where you can’t go.

Enjoy these photos! We look forward to sharing more of Fort Adam’s rich history with you soon!

Photo Credits: Ravelin Films, Chris Zeeman, Carol Weaver