Ravelin Film’s is proud to announce production of a new documentary on one of Michigan’s historic gems. “Detroit’s Fort Wayne: Guarding, Serving, Enduring” will tell the story of the fort that quietly watches the city’s southern riverfront. Directed and produced by Michigan filmmakers William Eichler and Ryan Betzler, the story begins before Europeans arrived in North American with the Native Communities. Though no fortification was constructed, actions on the site played a critical part in the War of 1812. In the 1840s a fort is finally built on the site. After being first garrisoned during the Civil War, it remained constantly in service to the United States until 1972.


In addition to it’s military service and positive economic impact, Detroit’s Fort Wayne regularly contributed to social portions of the City’s history. From bands to sporting teams, the post’s garrison contributed to recreation and enjoyment in Detroit, a role it still serves today.


“Detroit’s Fort Wayne: Guarding, Serving, Enduring” is being produced in co-operation with the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Historic Fort Wayne. A portion of the proceeds will go to their on-going efforts to maintain and restore the site, as well as provide educational programs for the public. Production is on-going and a premiere is targeted for June 2016.